About Us

Our Mission

A community based fundraising organization whose purpose is to raise money and awareness for non-profit groups that provide direct care services with life-threatening challenges and supports the LGBTQ community.


What We Do

At various events across the city and after performances, Cheer Austin volunteers pass around our Cheer For Life buckets and collects donations from the crowd.


Our History

Cheer Austin is an adult cheerleading team and certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised entirely of volunteer members. Since Cheer Austin was founded in 2016, we have been serving the Austin Area by inspiring and encouraging audiences wherever we perform and by raising money for locally-based charities through our Cheer For Life Fund.


Our 2018-2019 Beneficiary, Out Youth Mission statement

Out Youth promotes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well being of sexual and gender minority youth so that they can openly and safely explore and affirm their identities. Link to their website- https://www.outyouth.org/

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